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Michael Kennedy and Jim Tung to Keynote at PLM Road Map 2010

By DE Editors

CPDA has announced that Michael Kennedy, Founder and CEO of Targeted Convergence Corporation, will join Jim Tung of MathWorks as a keynote speaker at its annual PLM Road Map conference, to be held at The Inn at St. John’s, outside of Detroit on September 28-29.

In his keynote address, “Set-Based Product Development: Never Allow your Designers to be Painted into a Corner,” Michael Kennedy will show set-based design as a way of converging knowledge into collaborative decision-making that he says will deliver products on schedule with consistent profits.

Specification-driven design is widely accepted, but the resulting point-based design makes it inherently difficult to effectively collaborate with other organizations during product development. Set-based design can facilitate collaboration and learning across organizations, according to CPDA. This presentation will explain what, why, and how you can adopt this thinking.

For more information, visit the PLM Road Map 2010 site.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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