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Model Gas and Oil Reserviors

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Tecplot, Inc. (Bellevue, WA) released Tecplot RS (Reservoir Simulation)2007, an integrated plotting tool designed specifically for oil and gasreservoir modeling. Tecplot RS 2007 offers support for VIPTM reservoirsimulation software from Landmark Graphics Corp. (Houston, TX) as wellas many new user-requested enhancements

Tecplot RS, developed as a result of collaboration between Tecplot andChevron, allows data from multiple sources to be loaded and displayedin plots ranging from XY graphs to complex 3D renderings. It managesdata from multiple reservoir simulation applications, as well asobserved data such as production rates and formation tests.
Among the user-requested enhancements to be found in Tecplot RS 2007are new options for viewing cell data in 3D grid plots, such asarbitrary vertical slices. With these options, you can create arbitraryvertical slices by clicking on two locations to connect injectors andproducers. 3D grid views include IJK slice, XYZ slice, IJK blanking,and well blanking.

New features of Tecplot RS 2007 include the ability to translate androtate grid, and convert to UTM coordinates to align with the real mapview. A new comparison tool lets you calculate and display thedifference between two solutions for the same grid to illustrate howvarious scenarios impact the simulated results.

With Tecplot RS 2007 you can load variables dynamically, enabling youto change interactively the working set of variables you are using tocreate plots, which eliminates the need to reload the files.
Another new feature, Input Trajectories for Survey Wells, enable you toload files containing the node coordinates that define the trajectoryof user-specified  survey wells, meaning that you can visualizethe well in the simulation grid and extract the cells along the wellpath for further analysis. A complementary Modify or Create well pathstool lets you modify the cell indices for the completions of anexisting well interactively and observe changes in the display. Thisalso lets you create a new survey well by entering a set of completioncells that define the well path. Miscellaneous enhancements includecolor axes by variable and branch data for multilateral wells.

Tecplot RS 2007 is available now. An annual network license is $4,000.Special consultant and educational pricing is available upon request.Click here to sign up for demo download. Click here to see examples ofTecplot RS 2007’s XY plotting abilities or here for its Grid plottingabilities. Click here for the Tecplot RS 2007 home page.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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