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Modern Metal Fatigue Analysis for Practical Applications

By DE Editors

While there have been major advances in methods of fatigue life estimation over the past 30 years, this knowledge is not readily available to designers, states the release from FESI Ltd. (UK) via EMAS Publishing (UK). Now John Draper’s new book, Modern Metal Fatigue Analysis is for practical applications, and is intended to bridge the gap between research and design.

Described as a concise introduction to modern methods of fatigue analysis as well as traditional methods, Draper covers the concepts of strain-based fatigue analysis and the traditional S-N curve methods. Modern theories of multiaxial fatigue are included, combined with their application to strain gauge measurements and fatigue analysis of finite element models.

Chapters focus on statistical analysis, crack propagation, and recent advances in fatigue analysis of welded steel joints, as well as the merits and disadvantages of different types of fatigue tests and aspects of practical fatigue analysis and its application to real-world problems.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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