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ModuleWorks Releases Latest 2012.12 CAD/CAM Components

By DE Editors

ModuleWorks announced the latest release of its CAM components, version 2012.12. The new release, the third major update of 2012, offers new features across the entire product range, further expanding capabilities for 3-5 axis machining and simulation, the company says.

SWARF machining has been redesigned to simplify and speed up programming. Automatic tool placement to give best fit contact between tool and surface is now the default setting and eliminates the need for manual settings. Geometry selection is easier with automatic side selection, and multiple surfaces or entire bodies can now be specified as input.

A new Port machining product provides a complete CAM solution for port-type geometries. Highly automated for fast programming, the new product provides roughing and finishing along and around the port with automatic area, side and spine detection.

Additional tool control options have been added to aid collision avoidance and ease of use. Automatic tilting can be used to tilt the tool away from collision with the tool tilting away in either or both the lead-lag and side direction. 5-Axis laser and wire application include improved capabilities. Markers can be used for laser machining to indicate corner motion, and these can be used to lower the power setting to avoid burning of the part. The wire EDM application can now specify the initial drill hole, and use this as the start position for the toolpath.

A new parallel roughing strategy is available for efficient machining of longer parts. The toolpath is a parallel cut pattern with user-specified depth increment trimmed to stock to minimize air cutting. 3-axis machining now includes an engraving capability for machining of lettering and other fine detail. Both roughing and finishing are provided.

Stock removal using the 3-axis and Turning Cutsim engines now provides the option to automatically remove free floating chips generated during simulation.

For more information, visit ModuleWorks.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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