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Moldflow Announces Plastics Advisers 7.2

By DE Editors

Moldflow Corp. (Framingham, MA) has announced the immediate availability of version 7.2 of its solids-based, plastics flow simulation software Moldflow Plastics Advisers—MPA 7.2. In related news, Moldflow also announced new two versions of its design analysis products, Moldflow CAD Doctor and Moldflow Design Link.


Moldflow MPA 7.2’s Mold Adviser.

MPA 7.2’s Advanced Geometry Adviser, a key new feature, checks imported models for potential problems and warns you before you spend valuable time on advanced modeling or analysis tasks. To do this, the Advanced Geometry Adviser visually identifies features such as fillets, lettering, and logos—features that add complexity to the analysis model and usually result in longer analysis times but rarely affect the actual plastics flow. Using feedback from the Advanced Geometry Adviser, you can identify and suppress these features upfront and reduce analysis time without compromising accuracy.


Moldflow MPA 7.2’s Part Adviser.

MPA 7.2’s new Cooling System Wizard is said to significantly reduce the time to create cooling circuits, it has the ability to import multiple cooling channels and simultaneously assign properties among these channels and their intersections.

Miscellaneous features include enhanced Results Advice to help you determine the relative quality of weld line defects and view multiple result values simultaneously. Also, a new mechanism for generating large naturally balanced multi-cavity layouts significantly decreases modeling and analysis times, according to the company.


Moldflow CAD Doctor 2.0.

A new interface between Moldflow CAD Doctor 2.0 and MDL 5.2 provides access to a wider array of native MCAD data formats for generating optimized models for predictive analysis applications such as the Moldflow Plastics Insight and MPA. Moldflow CAD Doctor checks, corrects, heals, and simplifies solid models imported from 3D MCAD systems in preparation for analysis using MPI and MPA. New in version 2.0 is an interface to MDL to facilitate import of native MCAD data in CATIA V5, Parasolid, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, and STEP formats.


Moldflow Design Link 5.2.

MDL allows the direct import of solid geometry data from  leading MCAD systems into the MPI and MPA solutions. Along with the interface to CAD Doctor 2.0, other enhancements in MDL 5.2 include updated interfaces to support the latest releases of Parasolid 17.0 and SolidWorks 2006. MDL/CATIA V5 has been updated to support CATIA V5R15.

For complete details, visit the Moldflow website for more information.


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