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Monitor Temperature-Sensitive Goods

By DE Editors

Onset Computer Corp.(Bourne, MA), supplier of battery-powered data loggers, has introduceda data logger capable of offloading 8K of data to a PC via an opticalUSB Interface, in only six seconds.

The HOBO Pendant Logger is a miniature, low-cost data logger formonitoring temperatures during the transport and storage oftemperature-sensitive goods, and has been designed for use in a widerange of environments, such as refrigerated trucks to ocean cargocontainers. It’s waterproof, and according to the company, offersimproved performance over previous low-cost data loggers by providingbetter accuracy and up to 52,000 readings. The logger also recordstemperatures around the clock, and provides high and low LED alarms forboth shipping and storage applications.  For shipping, the alarmsoffer “on-the-dock” visual verification to ensure temperatures have notexceeded user-defined limits.  In storage, the alarms can provideinstant visual notification when temperatures go out of range.

Users can plot and analyze temperature data with Onset’s HOBOware 2.0for Windows, a highly intuitive graphing and analysis software package.HOBOware provides a user-friendly graphical user interface, and enablesshippers and receivers to quickly and easily print out graphs to viewand document temperature conditions.

Pricing starts at $33 in quantities of 100 units or more.  For pricing on the
accompanying USB optical interface and HOBOware software, please visit
the Onset Computer Corp.’s website.

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