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More Power for Power System Development

By DE Editors

SimPowerSystems 4 from The MathWorks(Natick, MA) enables engineers to use model-based design to model andsimulate electrical circuits and power systems within Simulink, thecompany’s interactive graphical environment to design, simulate,implement, and test control, signal processing, communications, andother time-varying systems.

SimPowerSystems 4 includes extensive new application libraries,including electric drives, flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS),and distributed resources. These new libraries offer mechanical andelectrical engineers advanced tools for building comprehensive modelsand simulations. As a result SimPowerSystems reduces the time and costof evaluating design options for detailed electromechanical systems.

The new SimPowerSystems libraries contain more than 150 blocksdistributed in eight sublibraries, including electric sources, electricmachinery, and three-phase components. The libraries represent bothsimple and complex electric components, such as resistors, inductors,capacitors, and AC and DC electric drives.

SimPowerSystems is available immediately for Windows, Unix, Linux, andMacintosh system $3,000 for SimPowerSystems 4. For complete details,click here.


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