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MSC Offers Actran Release v13.0 for Acoustics

By DE Editors

MSC Software announced the availability of Actran Release 13.0. The new release of the company’s acoustics simulation solution offers engineers improved performance, new capabilities and ease-of-use features for reducing and optimizing sound in products, the company says.

With support for rigid body elements, users can model rigid connections between different parts, and apply required boundary conditions providing them with the desired modeling flexibility. The integration scheme for pyramid elements has been improved to provide a more accurate evaluation of secondary variables such as fluid velocity and intensity.

A PML (Perfectly Matched Layers) technology has been implemented as a complement to the infinite element technology to model non-reflective conditions. Support for semi-empirical Miki formulation enables engineers to take advantage of this approach to model porous materials.

With the support for directive microphone, users can accurately model sensitivity of microphones to the directivity and frequency of incoming acoustic fields. Model heterogeneous turbulent boundary layers can be used to handle decorrelation effects between parietal pressures along different loaded sub-surfaces.

A diffuse sound field excitation can now be generated by a summation of plane waves in presence of the exterior fluid. The effect of the presence of the structure or surrounding objects can be taken into account, which improves the fidelity of the numerical model.

In addition to performance improvement of post-processing, several new result quantities are supported in this release, including global indicators such as the Overall Sound Levels and mean value, and tonal character of the signal when plotting octave or 1/3 octave curves.

For more information, visit MSC Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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