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MTI Adds New Cost Models for Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication Shops

By DE Editors

MTI Systems announced the addition of 24 new cost models to its recent V12.1 update of Costimator. According to the company, this update benefits estimators with more speed, accuracy, and consistency as they use the company’s cost estimating software product to estimate and quote manufactured parts.
Using the solution’s embedded cost model editor, estimators can add or modify any of the 300-plus models currently shipped with the system. This provides estimators the flexibility to mimic estimates based on manufacturing processes in their shop or that of an outsourced supplier, the company says.
“In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s only natural that more cost models should be added to Costimator,” said Rene Laviolette, MTI Systems’ vice president of product development. “Satisfying our customers’ growing needs and responding to emerging new technologies are key factors as to what we select for new features in Costimator updates and upgrades.”

Cost models in the update include holes, OD, ID, specific processes, outside processing, and modified models.
For more information, visit MTI Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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