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Multi-CAD Interoperability Software Suite Updated

TransMagic Inc., (Westminster, CO) a developer of 3D CAD data conversion, repair and validation software, has announced the release of its new R10 product line. The release, says the company, includes new features, functionality and products tailored to improve process efficiency involving complex CAD models. Support for Windows 8 and the DWG and CATIA V6 file formats are among the reported highlights.

New TransMagic products introduced in R10 include TransMagic EXPRESS, TransMagic PRO, and TransMagic CREATIVE.

TransMagic EXPRESS is said to provide a streamlined interface that anyone can use. A CAD translator that supports the major 3D CAD formats, it provides automated geometry repair and automated surface stitching for cleaning topologies and connecting surfaces to form SOLID models.

TransMagic Inc. recently announced the R10 release of its TransMagic 3D CAD data conversion, repair, and validation software. Image courtesy of TransMagic Inc.

TransMagic PRO, described as “an engineer’s tool for precise data translation,” offers all the features of TransMagic EXPRESS. It provides automated geometry repair and the ability to retain “solid” model conditions, assembly hierarchy, and mass properties. Features include an assembly browser for navigating an assembly structure and finding or isolating parts and model query tools for measuring thickness, computing surface areas, and capturing bounding box size. Other features include the ability to obtain model properties such as volume, mass, and moments of inertia as well as the ability to view models in cross section, wire frame, hidden line, or transparency.

TransMagic CREATIVE, says the company, enables users to view and convert all major CAD formats to the “highest quality” polygonal formats, including STL, PLY, and OBJ.

TransMagic has also updated supported file formats to the most recent versions. Updated CAD format version support in R10 includes ACIS R23, CATIA V5 R23, Creo 2.0, Inventor 2013, JT 9.5, NX UG 8.5, Parasolid 25.0, and SolidWorks 2013. Newly supported formats in TransMagic R10 include DWG up to 2013, CATIA V6, PNG, JPG, and BMP. The software’s PMI (product manufacturing information) functionalities now offer enhanced support for additional PMI entity types to assist manufacturing engineers moving to MBD (model-based definition). The company also reports that R10 has been completely rewritten with UNICODE multi-byte character support to simplify data sharing around the globe.

TransMagic MagicCheck. Image courtesy of TransMagic Inc.

TransMagic also offers new data output options for assembly data in XML format. Users can “atomized” assemblies, surface area, mass properties, and bounding boxes can be added to the XML output, which is said to make large complex assemblies easier to use.

Other new features are Micrometer, which enables pinpoint thickness information anywhere on a part, and “Boxed” Level of Detail (LOD) setting. The “Boxed” LOD is said to ensure constant rendering performance and frame-rate when working with large assemblies, effectively creating fluid motion and rotation, improving performance, and reducing wait times.

TransMagic R10 speed enhancements are said to increase translation performance by two to three times. In addition to a new look interface aligned with the Microsoft Windows 8 Desktop, Windows 8 support, reportedly improves performance.

The TransMagic R10 release also includes an update to MagicCheck, the company’s geometric comparison software. MagicCheck, which works with most major 3D CAD or point data formats, provides model validation, revision management, and QA/QC reporting capabilities. With it, says the developers, users can “easily” perform detailed analysis and documentation for such quality assurance standards as Boeing Document D6-51991, Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition (DPD).

TransMagic software is available as stand-alone desktop applications or scalable configurations. Further details on TransMagic R10 are available from TransMagic.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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