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Multi-CAE Environment Fosters Knowledge Re-Use

By DE Editors

MSC.Software (Santa Ana, CA) recently announced SimXpert. SimXpert, says MSC, can accelerate the speed and accuracy of multi-disciplinary simulation, automate simulation processes and tasks, capture knowledge, and improve your analysis process and, by extension, your company’s innovation abilities and business productivity.


SimXpert from MSC.Software

Designed for the expert engineering analyst, SimXpert enables companies to build, share, and execute best practices for simulation standardization throughout the enterprise. A key functionality of SimXpert is that it enables your top analysts to capture their simulation process knowledge. This knowledge can then be wrapped into templates where it can be re-used by less-expert analysts or engineers repeatedly as needed. Further, SimXpert enables your top analysts with multi-disciplinary simulation capabilities including structures, motion, thermal, and crash analysis. All of which can also be captured and formed into templates for knowledge reuse by less-expert engineering staffs.


SimXpert from MSC.Software

SimXpert is a component of MSC’s recently announced SimEnterprise product suite (click here to go to MSC for more on SimEnterprise). SimEnterprise enables open connectivity between designers, analysts, and other simulation stakeholders for collaborative simulation. It has an integrated solver and pre/postprocessing environment, including MSC’s MD Nastran. Other features include a multi-discipline common data model and native CAD interoperability, which eliminate the need for data translation


SimXpert from MSC.Software

SimXpert’s Template Studio is what enables expert analysts to author simulation best practices and standards as well as capture simulation knowledge and perform quick task automation. Once created, SimTemplates can be managed by MSC’s SimManager (click here for DE‘s write-up) as well as shared with a variety of users, such as design engineers, via MSC’s SimDesigner, the company’s CAD-embedded simulation suite that enables design engineers and engineering teams to execute simulation studies earlier in the design process.

The SimXpert multi-disciplinary CAE environment is now available to organizations participating in MSC.Software’s Empower Program. The Empower Program enables companies to familiarize themselves on using MSC’s enterprise simulation solutions prior to general availability, which, in the case of SimXpert, will follow shortly.

For more information about SimXpert and MSC. SimEnterprise solution, go to MSC.Software by clicking here.

Sources: Briefing with and press materials received from the company. Additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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