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Mycestro Offers a Different Kind of Gesture Control

The humble mouse has been a staple of computer use for decades. It’s intuitive, cheap to produce, and laser technology has made it easier and more accurate to use. For mobile devices where it would be impractical to use a mouse, touch screens have risen to fill the interactive role. While both of those technologies are practical, people are always thinking of new ways to interact with computers.

The Mycestro is a fully funded Kickstarter project that looks to change that interaction. Designed by Nick Mastandrea, the Mycestro is a wireless, three button mouse that attaches to your index finger. Instead of rolling around a mouse, the new device tracks hand movements to move the pointer on the screen.


The Mycestro advertises itself as a 3D mouse. Courtesy of Innovative Developments.

If you’ve ever tried to work with a touchscreen to select something specific and been frustrated by either fat finger syndrome, or just the sometimes erratic behavior of the touchscreen, the Mycestro might be your salvation. It comes equipped with Bluetooth technology, so can be used with mobile devices when you don’t have room for a mouse and still have a desire for greater control.

Even with the device on your index finger, it looks like it leaves enough flexibility to allow for typing (the video demonstrates this), making it useful for laptops as well. The connection has a range of 30 ft., which makes it a potential candidate for controlling presentations or making selections across the room if you’ve connected your computer up to the TV.

Below you’ll find the Kickstarter video for the Mycestro.

Source: Kickstarter

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