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nanoCUBE Expansion Enclosure Released

Maxexpansion.com, the on-line store for Thunderbolt and PCIe expansion products, has introduced the nanoCUBE expansion enclosure with Thunderbolt or PCIe expansion. The nanoCUBE supports a single PCIe x8 Gen3 short card, allowing users to add greater functionality to a laptop or workstation, the company says.

The lightweight appliance can be used to add a special IO card that users don’t have room for, and that can be easily disconnected later. For example, adding a video editing card to the nanoCUBE creates a portable video editing appliance.

“The nanoCUBE offers the smallest size and greatest portability of any of The CUBE family products,” said Steve Cooper, CEO. “Like all of The CUBE products, it can be connected to your computer through Thunderbolt or PCIe expansion. This is the ideal product for a sales person who wants to show off his latest IO board in operation. Using a PCIe x8 connection to your host computer, the nanoCUBE supports a single PCIe x8 Gen3 board. This allows the user to install the latest x8 short card like a Flash card and have a fast storage device ready to use with your laptop.”

For more information, visit Maxexpansion.com.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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