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National Instruments Announces Semiconductor Test System Series

National Instruments has launched a Semiconductor Test System (STS) series. The PXI-based automated systems, according to the company, reduce test cost for RF (radio frequency) and mixed-signal devices and increase throughput.

The STS series, powered by TestStand test management software, has features such as a customizable operator interface, handler/prober integration, device-centric programming with pin-channel mapping and standard test data reporting.

The series encompasses three different models, the T1, T2 and T4, which support one, two and four PXI chassis. With common software, instrumentation and interconnect mechanics across all models, engineers can optimize a range of pin-count and site-count requirements. Its scalability also enables deployment from characterization to production with cost optimization and simplified data correlation.

“Traditional ATE systems require major costly retooling efforts on the test floor as generations of test systems become obsolete or unable to meet new test requirements, but the nature of the open PXI architecture of the STS helps us retain our original investment and build upon it, rather than throw it away,” said Glen Peer, director of test for Integrated Device Technology (IDT). “It provides the flexibility we need to reconfigure and grow our test platforms in parallel with our growing performance needs.”

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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