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nCode Announces ICE-flow Library 3.0 Release

By DE Editors

nCode (Southfield, MI) has announced the release of ICE-flow Library 3.0 software. This web-enabled product manages vast amounts of test and analytical engineering data. It empowers users to quickly mine and transform data into useful information to assist and guide individuals at all levels in an organization in making decisions. Test engineers, analysis experts, and fatigue technicians can all obtain useful information about such critical attributes as product strength, reliability, durability, and safety from the Library system.

According to a press release, key benefits of the new library include a simple and intuitive browser interface to minimize the learning curve for new users; scalability so the library can be deployed on individual laptops as well as networks in large-scale corporate environments; accessibility that allows users to analyze their test data on the server and distribute the results via the web; speed that is insensitive to the amount of test data being processed; and a library that is easily configured.

According to Kevin Knill, nCode’s ICE-flow product manager, “ICE-flow Library facilitates a more productive and efficient engineering workplace. This unique product and its architecture are being embraced by the ground vehicle and aerospace marketplace as the benchmark for managing, controlling and delivering large volumes of test data.”

ICE-flow Library 3.0 is now available. For pricing, contact your local distributor. For more product details, visit ncode.com.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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