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nCode to Include Composite Materials Fatigue Prediction Capabilities

By DE Editors

nCode, the fatigue and durability software division of HBM, announced that the next release of nCode DesignLife will include methods to predict the fatigue of composite materials. HBM-nCode and e-Xstream engineering collaborated to develop the new capabilities.

The fatigue of composites poses particular challenges for engineers because the properties of the constituent parts — polymer (resin) matrix and fibers — interact to determine the fatigue properties, which vary in each location and direction. The initial focus of the DesignLife solution is in the area of engineering plastics, such as short fiber polymers, which are commonly used in the automotive industry.

e-Xtream’s DIGIMAT determines the appropriate material parameters for a complete component, which can then be coupled with a finite element analysis. nCode DesignLife combines the calculated stresses together with specific fatigue properties to predict the fatigue lives of the whole component under loading conditions. Further developments for additional types of composite are also planned.

For more information, visit HBM-nCode and e-Xstream engineering.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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