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NEi Software Releases NEi Nastran V10.1

By DE Editors

NEi Software’s NEi Nastran V10.1 features more than 70 new product enhancements. It includes improved performance in dynamic analysis (up to 1.4x faster), in nonlinear analysis (up to 2x faster), and Automated Surface Contact Generation (up to 64x faster).

Other NEi Nastran V10.1 features include an enhanced axisymmetric element which now supports all solutions and material types, thermal contact resistance, surface contact weld (bond) damage model, enhanced nonlinear plasticity, shape memory and brittle materials, deformation plasticity for metal forming, special nonlinear material for soil, enhanced hyperelastic materials, 3D micromechanics based composites (MCT), and fully nonlinear 3D composites.

Enhancement in the new release are supported by the company’s proprietary NEi Editor as well as Siemens PLM’s Femap.

For more information, visit NEi Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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