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New COM Express Computer-on-Module Provides Energy Efficient Multicore Capabilities

By DE Editors

Kontron today announced its new COM Express compact Computer-on-Module COMe-cCT6, the company s energy efficient entry-level multicore module based on next-generation Intel Atom processors with 32 nm technology. The module is available in three multicore performance levels up to 2x 1.86 GHz and offers an increased performance per watt ratio.

Compared to platforms based on the second generation of Intel Atom processors, it offers twice the graphics capability, up to 28 percent higher processor performance and half of the processor thermal design power (TDP). The COM Express pin-out type 6 definition enables the module to provide these increased capabilities via a scalable interface range that offers suitable options for both cost and power sensitive applications alike.

The module s space-saving COM Express compact form factor (95 mm x 95 mm) is ideal for designs requiring the full range of interfaces provided by the COM Express pin-out type 6 in a small solution. Ready-to-use interfaces include three Digital Display Interfaces such as 2x DisplayPort, HDMI/DVI and 24 bit LVDS. Integrated decoding hardware within the module keeps processor load to a minimum when decoding 1080p videos, which means that OEMs can even use it for entry-level digital signage.

Enhanced power management features including Intel Deeper Sleep and Intel Rapid Start Technology, which further helps to reduce power consumption and enable fast resume from standby mode for intermittent usage models like those found in modern KIOSK systems. In combination with the Intel Smart Connect Technology, the new Kontron COMe-cCT6 also enables connected usage scenarios where an instant Internet connection is available as soon as the application is (re)activated and also allows for constant updates even while in standby . 

The COMe-cCT6 supports a wide range of operating systems including Wind River VxWorks 6.8, Linux, Windows XP, XPe, WEC 7 and WES 7 where Windows 8 support is planned

For more information, visit Kontron.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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