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New dSPACE Simulation Models for Pneumatic Brake Systems, Air Suspension Systems

Beginning in early 2014, dSPACE will offer simulation models for pneumatic brake and air suspension systems. According to the company, the ASM Pneumatics model library, which will become part of the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) product family, enables realistic brake simulation for commercial vehicles and comfort functions for passenger vehicles. ASM Pneumatics can be used for developing and testing electronic brake systems (EBS), air suspension electronic control units (ECUs), level control ECUs, etc.

The pneumatics model features click-to-select configurations for simulating air brake and air suspension systems. The graphical tool ModelDesk lets users assign application-specific parameters. All the models, parameter sets and simulations can be handled seamlessly in one tool.

The ASM Pneumatics model includes all the components that are typical of real pneumatics systems, such as a compressor, tanks, valves and brake chambers. The model also supports fallback functionality for reverting to a purely mechanical brake system. Additionally, ASM Pneumatics supports the sequential addition of several trailers from the ASM library, so that road trains can be constructed and equipped with pneumatic brake systems.

For more information, visit dSPACE.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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