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New FieldView Release 12.01 Improves Postprocessing

By DE Editors

Intelligent Light (Rutherford, NJ) updated FieldView Version 12 to V12.01 to improve performance, provide bug fixes, and expand platform support — plus users are encouraged to download FieldView Version 12.01 software from the company website. The new release requires no new passwords and is available to all currently supported users of FieldView products.

FieldView continues it role in delivering accessible tools for the analysis and presentation of simulation results — numerical and qualitative dataset comparison, presentation quality images, and animations.

For CFD practitioners with simulations from multiple CFD solvers, the full, multi-solver FieldView version 12 is available to postprocess and compare data from disparate systems. Plus, Intelligent Light offers a no-cost postprocessing upgrade to users of POLYFLOW and FIDAP CFD solvers with a version of FieldView, Version 12F, exclusively for CFD practitioners.

Current users of FieldView for POLYFLOW and FIDAP will be able to manage and understand time-dependent effects, offering the ability to generate side-by-side case animations with a single mouse click. Surfaces that cut through models to display variables such as temperature and non-Newtonian viscosity can be simultaneously swept through each dataset and directly saved as animations using its simple linked surface feature. Exports to free FieldView Advanced Technology Viewer give engineers a way to collaborate with members of their work groups.

This release also delivers advancements for printing and publishing of results and 2D analysis and presentation. Now POLYFLOW and FIDAP users have access to this and all the capabilities of FieldView through a no-cost software download. Click here for free upgrade details, registration, and training materials.

And for full information on FieldView V12.01, go to Intelligent Light.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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