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New Geomagic Studio Targets Mechanical Design

By DE Editors

Geomagic (Research Triangle Park, NC) launched three new Geomagic Studio editions that target specific application needs in mechanical design and medical/scientific markets. The latest module in Geomagic Studio 10, which is known for creating accurate 3D digital models from scan data of physical objects, is Geomagic Fashion. The three editions are made possible by Geomagic Fashion, which design analysts use for surfacing.

The first edition is Geomagic Studio – Fashion Edition for mechanical design applications such as new design and reverse engineering. It includes Geomagic Fashion for automatically extracting design intent from scanned physical objects.

Geomagic Studio – Shape Edition is designed for medical and scientific applications where users want to create exact 3D replicas of organic objects such as bones or historical artifacts. It includes the Geomagic Shape surfacing module for creating water-tight NURBS surfaces.

Geomagic Studio – Complete Edition is suited for mechanical designers who want to extract design intent from existing objects and perform FEA and CFD analysis on as-built parts.

Geomagic also offers bundles that combine any edition of Geomagic Studio with Geomagic Qualify, computer-aided inspection software that helps users close the loop between product design and product manufacturing by comparing original CAD designs to the finished product.

Details on the three Studio editions can be found at Geomagic.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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