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New Lawnmower Design Prototyped for Field Trials

By Susan Smith

New Lawnmower Design Prototyped for Field Trials
New rear collection lawnmower from Husqvarna

Just in time for summer in the northern hemisphere, ARRK Product Development Group reported that Husqvarna, manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment for homeowners, is using its rapid prototyping services to aid in developing a new rear collection lawn-mower, the Multimo 360XC.

Husqvarna wanted a prototype that could be used to test the design and fit of the lawnmower components. They chose a CNC model to conduct field trials, which was comprised of 25 CNC components in ABS and clear acrylic, provided by ARRK. The model was supplied within 14 days.

New Lawnmower Design Prototyped for Field Trials

Because the ABS material possesses high impact qualities, it easily endured the physical stresses placed upon it during the trials. After the trials, ARRK was asked to produce vacuum castings of all the components, and consequently supplied Husqvarna with 15 fully assembled lawn mowers. These models were to be used for photo shoots and marketing. In this case, ARRK used its Rapid Plastic service to produce exhibition standard, reproduction castings.

These exhibition models featured the clear vision window, cable winder, central height of cut adjustment, 36cm bladed product, 40ltr grass box, and other parts, according to the company. Produced using color matched polyurethane resins that were a tightly accurate match to final production material, the vacuum castings sported components that were fully finished, textured, assembled and finally delivered to the client within four weeks.

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