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New LINBus Communication Card for ADwin-Pro-II Systems

By DE Editors

ADwin has announced the new Pro-II-LIN-2 card is now available for ADwin-Pro-II systems. It provides convenient LIN communications capabilities that can be used to test different types of sensors, switches and other mechatronic devices in distributed automotive applications. The card, which is compatible with the LIN 2.1 interface standard, has two single wire LIN serial communications ports that can be individually configured as a master or slave with transfer rates up to 19,200 kBit/sec and standard or enhanced checksum verification.  

Each port features 64 message boxes, each with a programmable identifier header, which can be used to send or receive data packets up to 8 bytes. Depending on the card configuration, master or slave, the appropriate bus termination is automatically selected.   All four transfer operating modes are available, including master send, master receive, slave receive and slave send. A library of functions is available to initialize, configure, read data and write messages. Additionally, the card provides timing diagnostic information including the total message transfer time and the response time from request to the receipt of data.
The Pro-II-LIN-2 card is just one of more than 80 different plug-in cards available for the ADwin-Pro-II real-time data acquisition and control system.

For more information, visit ADwin.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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