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New Maple Package

By DE Editors

Mechanics of Materials is a new add-on to Maple from Adept Scientific (Bethesda, MD) specifically for linear and elastic beam bending problems. Using Maple’s engine, problem specifications can be formulated in numeric or symbolic form, offering graphical and analytical solutions for beam sections with up to 100 separate segments.

Available to Maple users in the UK, Ireland, and Nordic countries, Mechanics of Materials contains eight functions that perform various calculations based on three theoretical foundations: the method of differential equation integration of linear elastic behavior; an improved theory of S. P. Timoshenko, taking into consideration shearing deformations for simple bend boundary conditions and shear angle boundary conditions; and the Winkler Foundation Model.

The company says that Mechanics of Materials is an ideal companion to Maple for researchers and mechanical or civil engineers who work with applied and structural mechanics and strength of materials. It is also suitable for education and training for at all levels of post-secondary education learning the foundations of structural mechanics and applied mechanics.

Mechanics of Materials is published as part of the MapleConnect program. MapleConnect is a developer support program that enables Maple users to commercialize applications that they design and develop based on Maplesoft products. Like other MapleConnect products, it can be purchased as a downloadable product from the Adept Scientific WebStore at adeptstore.com.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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