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New Metrology-Driven Polygon Meshing Solution

By DE Editors

CogniTens (Ramat Hasheron, Israel), part of the Hexagon Metrology (North Kingstown, RI) group and a leading provider of 3D optical measurement solutions, introduced a new software package for generating high-quality polygon meshes (STL) based on rich surface and feature measurements produced by its Optigo and OptiCell systems.

As part of its latest software version 3.72, CogniTens is extending its 3D digitizing and reverse-engineering capabilities to include a fully integrated STL generation process powered by InnovMetric’s PolyWorks/Modeler engine.

With this latest addition, CogniTens 3D optical measurement systems allow users to automatically transform non-contact shop floor measurements into high quality polygonal meshes. Such common format STL outputs are optimized for multiple downstream metrology, engineering and product design applications.

This new module offers fully automated yet comprehensive application and process support including: geometry-based polygonal meshing for superior accuracy and details; automatic removal of photogrammetry markers from measured surfaces; accurate insertion of measured closed features such as holes and slots into the 3D model; filtering of non-object-related data from the model for reducing file size and minimizing post-processing work; leveraging CogniTens unique edge line for constructing crisp model boundaries; decision support tools for optimizing measurement result selection for STL generation; and online and offline STL generation processes for optimizing available resources.

This full set of metrology-driven reverse engineering capabilities is optimized for supporting various industrial applications including reverse engineering existing parts and tools back to CAD, virtual matching of assembly components, virtual archiving, material formability and CFD analysis, etc. This extends the use of 3D metrology large data sets and opens new opportunities for accelerating design, engineering and manufacturing processes.

For more information, please visit CogniTens, part of the Hexagon Metrology group or Hexagon Metrology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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