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New Modeling Software Released by T-Splines, Inc.

By DE Editors

New Modeling Software Released by T-Splines, Inc. September 24, 2007 — T-Splines, Inc. (Provo, UT) announced the release of T-Splines 1.0 for Rhinoceros 3D, a plug-in that makes it easier to generate precise organic models for complex surfacing applications in architecture, animation, industrial design, marine, automotive, aerospace and consumer product applications.

T-Splines for Rhino allows designers to easily create organic shapes from an input of curves, meshes, or NURBS surfaces. T-Spline models are differentiated from other new technologies by being 100% compatible with NURBS, the standard format for manufacturing and CAD. While T-Spline models can be as exact as any NURBS, the ability to push and pull on the T-Spline surface allows for the easy creation of complex, free-form shapes.

Benefits designers can expect include easy polygon and subdivision surface model import; broad range of applications; smooth, gap-free surfaces of any complexity. Plus, T-Spline surfaces of any level of complexity are gap-free and smooth throughout, making them ideal for downstream detail design, analysis and manufacturing; NURBS compatibility — all T-Spline models are 100% compatible with NURBS, and all untrimmed NURBS can be converted exactly to a T-Spline.

For existing Rhino users, the introductory price is $397.

T-Splines 1.0 for Rhino is available online as well as information about case studies, tutorials, videos, a free 15-day trial.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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