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New Sheet Metal Tutorial for SolidWorks

By DE Editors

Applied Production, Inc. (Milford, OH) has published a new tutorial emphasizing the sheet metal command functionality of SolidWorks(Concord, MA). The tutorial takes a new or experienced user through thecomplete process of creating a part with special attention placed onthe software’s parametric capabilities. These make it possible tochange a material thickness or bend radius without affecting designintent. The instructions include graphics and dialog images detailingeach step of the process.

Applied Production has more than 20 years experience in the sheet metalCAD/CAM industry and is a Solution Partner with SolidWorks; theirexisting ProFab software is tightly integrated with SolidWorks.Feedback has indicated that many users are not comfortable with thesheet metal toolkits included with CAD systems, primarily because theynever attend a training class. As a result, Applied Production plans topublish a series of tutorials aimed at helping the sheet metal industrylearn to create their parts more efficiently and relieve this stressfrom CAD users.

“The goal of this series of tutorials is simply to build upon andincrease the knowledge of SolidWorks users who make sheet metal parts,”said Joe Bucalo, president of Applied Production.

SolidWorks 2006 has several new features to improve sheet metal partcreation, but many users still need training. Among other benefits, thetutorials will help to bridge the gap between solid modeling CAD andsheet metal terminology. The typical sheet metal manufacturer, forexample, is not familiar with terms such as faces and extrusions,rather used to terminology such as flanges, cutouts, and bend areas.

This new tutorial can be found by clicking here. For more information, visit appliedproduction.com.

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