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New Star-P Enhanced for Platform LSF and SGI Altix ICE

By DE Editors

Interactive Supercomputing Inc. ISC; (Waltham, MA) launched a new version of its Star-P software that enables customers to accelerate and better manage high performance computing (HPC) application workloads across clusters and supercomputers.

The new version also adds support for the SGI Altix ICE line of blade servers built to handle HPC applications and large scale-out workloads.

Star-P is an interactive parallel computing platform that lets scientists, engineers and analysts create algorithms and models on their desktops using familiar mathematical tools — such as MATLAB and Python — and then run them instantly and interactively on parallel computers with little to no modification. It eliminates the need to re-program applications to run on parallel systems, making problem solving faster and users more productive.

The new version of Star-P adds support for Platform Computing’s LSF workload management software for accelerating batch workload processing for HPC applications. Platform LSF support gives Star-P users an intelligent scheduling tool for their parallelized applications to solve large, complex problems while maximizing available computing resources. With Star-P’s new SGI Altix ICE support, customers can now take advantage of SGI’s ultra-dense, liquid-cooled blade server architecture to reap both peak computational performance and user productivity. The SGI Altix ICE is a new kind of blade server – part cluster, part massively parallel processing (MPP) – that minimizes demands on a data center’s space and power. A single SGI Altix rack can be powered by as many as 512 Intel Xeon processors and deliver six teraflops of performance.

For details, contact Platform Computing, SGI, or Interactive Supercomputing (ISC).


Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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