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New Test Equipment for WiMAX: MINT T2100 Pre-RCT

By DE Editors

AT4 wireless (Malaga, Spain & Herndon, VA) is launching a new WiMAX test system, which covers now RF pre-Certification Testing. The new MINT T2100, based on the MINT E1130 BS/MS emulator, also provides upgrade capabilities to Protocol Conformance Tester (PCT) and Radio Conformance Tester (RCT). It also provides Radiated Performance Testing (RPT) measurement capabilities.

Many companies are willing to reduce their certification costs. They are looking forward to finding a product that minimizes cost and time and maximizes certification success.

The company says the new MINT T2100 becomes the most complete and versatile solution for developers and integrators. Based on the BS/MS emulator MINT E1130, which supports all the official profiles defined by the WiMAX Forum, HARQ, MIMO, and Internal Channel Emulation, the MINT T2100 provides pre-certification of 802.16-2005 for both MS and BS devices, supporting RF measurements required for WiMAX Certification like BER, RSSI, Sensitivity, CINR, etc. It also offers upgrade capabilities to both official WiMAX Testing Tools from AT4 wireless, designated by the WiMAX Forum: MINT T2110 – Radio Conformance Tester (RCT) and the MINT T223x – Protocol Conformance Tester (PCT).

For more information, contact AT4 wireless.


Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.




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