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New Wireless Smart Sensor Report Released

By DE Editors

Research and Markets, Ltd. has released “Major Trends in Developing Wireless Smart Sensors Communications: Technologies and Markets.” This report analyzes Wireless Sensors Networks (WSNs) marketing and technological characteristics.

The report emphasizes the following trends in these networks developments:

  • Evolution to wireless smart sensors. Technologies allow building multi-purpose, miniaturized devices with various radios. Smart sensors have enough computing power to process data; and they consume very little energy. The report concentrates on the standardization work, technological advances, and WSN marketing characteristics. A survey of the industry is also included.
  • Mesh configuration. The mesh topology becomes a prevailing topology in the WSN environment. Networks use the benefits of meshing, such as self-organization and self-healing. The report details marketing and technological characteristics of meshed WSN, standardization efforts and provides an industry survey.
  • IP-based WSN. Benefiting from the IEEE, IETF, ITU, and other standard organizations work, WSN is evolving toward the IP environment. The report analyzes such protocols as 6LoWPAN and ROLL, and shows that designers now have a choice to incorporate IP advances in WSN. The report also addresses Ubiquitous Sensor Network properties and benefits.
  • Maintenance-free WSN. A WSN may reside in the harsh environment, and though its deployment as any wireless infrastructure does not need any cabling, it still requires maintenance. This can be a difficult and expensive task mainly due to the necessity to periodically replace batteries in every sensor and/or radio. The report addresses features of power harvesting industry, which makes progress toward the design and implementation of self-powered WSN nodes. The survey of these industry vendors is included, and various power harvesting technologies are addressed.

For more information, visit Research and Markets, Ltd.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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