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Newly Corporation Releases Scanera TopFace Pro 3D Scanner

By DE Editors

Newly Corporation’s Scanera TopFace Pro provides high resolution scanning of 3D objects. The large format 23-x-33-in. wide top face scanning bed enables the scanning of 3D objects with a depth of field up to 4-in.

The Scanera is equipped with a large-scale integrated circuit (LSI), enabling the capture of realistic images and “intelligence image enhancement,” according to the company. A variable light source is designed to bring out shadows and highlights to further enhance quality. Scanning objects from an angle, the Scanera captures details and topographic elements that can be lost by flat bed scanners. The angles of the unit’s fluorescent lights are adjusted throughout the scan to better capture 3D object features.

The Scanera comes bundled with Scanera Eyes high-speed viewing/editing software. Image enlargement is up to 250X (display equivalent to 100 dpi) and real time digital zoom is 1% – 3,200%.

For more information, visit Newly Corp.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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