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NexGen Announces HumanCAD-MQSW 1.5

NexGen announced the release of HumanCAD-MQSW 1.5, a human modeling solution add-in for SolidWorks that creates a 3D digital human within the context of an assembly document.

According to the company, HumanCAD-MQSW aids in the design of products using SolidWorks by determining what humans of different sizes can reach.

The optional Comfort Zones Module includes the U.S. Army 2010 ANSUR II anthropometric database (male and female), and color-coded zones indicate the period for which a task can be accomplished safely within two hours.

Features include completely articulated bodies within human ranges of motion; libraries of pre-defined mannequin body and hand postures; real-time inverse kinematics (IK) and forward kinematics (FK); reach-envelopes for hands and feet; shoulder comfort zones for workstation design (optional module); and multiple independent 3D views via SolidWorks tools.

For more information, visit NexGen.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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