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Nikon Metrology Releases New Laser Scanners

By DE Editors

Nikon Metrology Releases New Laser Scanners

Nikon Metrology’s all-digital LC60Dx scanner with CMOS technology is an evolution from the LC60D CMM laser scanner. The major improvement for LC60Dx is higher accuracy, according to the company. By capturing 75,000 measurement points a second, LC60Dx digitizes freeform shapes and supports feature extraction.

Also new in the LC family is the LC50Cx laser scanner. This digital scanner benefits from an upgraded scanning rate of 45 stripes per second and enhanced sensor performance. 

For handheld scanning applications, Nikon Metrology has introduced the ModelMaker MMDx series. This laser scanner family features digital camera technology and enhanced sensor performance to scan sample materials and abrupt surface finish transitions without user interaction. ModelMaker MMDx laser scanners come in 50, 100, and 200mm laser stripe widths. The scanner is compatible with Nikon Metrology arms and many third-party articulated arms, including those from Faro and Romer/CimCore.

For applications involving larger parts, ModelMaker MMDx technology is also available as part of the K-Scan Optical CMM system. This scanning system allows the operator to freely walk around and take scans as desired.

The new 6.3 subrelease of Camio software speeds up data acquisition. In the new “Fly-by Scanning” mode, the software automatically calculates optimum and continuous scanner motion path curves.

Also, Focus Inspection 9.2 offers a set of functions for digital surface and feature inspection. In addition to supporting infinite point cloud size on 64-bit computers, Focus introduces extended language support, CATIA V5 file import, enhanced feature extraction, and new GD&T capabilities compliant with the ASME Y14.5M standard.

For more information, visit Nikon Metrology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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