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Nikon Metrology Unveils ModelMaker H120 Handheld Scanner

The Nikon Metrology ModelMaker H120 handheld laser scanner incorporates blue laser technology and Nikon optics.

Some benefits of the new scanner include scanner accuracy of 7 microns; measures at over 450 stripes every second on all materials; full Field-of-View indicator for precise scanning; real-time optimization of the laser for every single measured point; and designed for use under all shop floor or field conditions.

There are various applications for the scanner: multi-sensor 3D inspection; first article inspection against CAD model; inspection of geometric features; gap-and-flush inspection; reverse engineering: from concept studio clay to class A surfaces; and digitizing for additive manufacturing.

The 4th generation of Nikon’s Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP4) provides real-time dynamic adjustment of the laser intensity for every point, the company reports. Users can scan across parts with strong color transitions and varying reflectivity from any direction , the company adds. ModelMaker scanners also benefit from intelligent reflection control, which allows users to measure very shiny or polished materials while unwanted reflections are filtered out.

For more info, visit Nikon Metrology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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