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Nimbix Ships Cloud-based 3D Workstations

By DE Editors

Nimbix announced the immediate availability of 3D workstations on demand. Built on Nimbix’s JARVICE platform, the pay-per-use model enables end users to run their own private desktop environments, with persistent storage, for as little as $1 per processing hour, the company says.

The company offers various configurations ranging from six cores with 12GB of RAM to 16 cores with 32GB of RAM. Additionally, each 3D workspace has fully dedicated GPU resources to handle rendering and computation. Users can run OpenGL design and visualization applications as well as “solvers” in the same environment. Additional large-scale batch computation is available via Web portal or API from the underlying JARVICE supercomputer, without having to move data from the 3D environment.

“Whether designing or rendering intricate models, solving complex mathematical problems, or performing extensive analytics on big data, interactive visualization is the final piece of the puzzle in a complete high performance computing cloud,” said Nimbix CTO Leo Reiter. “Nimbix now offers this amazing capability to end users at marginal cost, far exceeding the capabilities of even the most powerful desktop PC’s on the market today.”

The company’s 3D workspaces can also operate over intercontinental latencies, allowing end users to adjust remote display quality to overcome network performance issues. Additionally, low powered clients such as tablets and smartphones can also receive the Nimbix 3D workspaces as a result of its server side rendering capability.

For more information, visit Nimbix.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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