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Noran Engineering, Inc. Becomes NEi Software

By DE Editors

Noran Engineering, Inc. (NEi; Westminster, CA) changed its company name to NEi Software.

NEi Software’s core product, NEi Nastran Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver, works with all major pre- and postprocessors. NEi Software sells, supports, and conducts training for Femap by Siemens PLM Software and its own in-house brands NEiFusion and NEiWorks for SolidWorks.

NEi Software technical and business initiatives include NEiFusion and NEiWorks, which the company says broke down barriers between designers and analysts by providing a Nastran tool for the design stage that was easy to use, highly accurate, and shared results with analysts. Moreover, it provided a single platform growth path for designers and new FEA users to more sophisticated analysis using an industry proven Nastran platform.

NEi Software continues to develop technologies that make engineering simulation more practical and feasible by reducing the time, cost, and effort required while improving the real world fidelity. The most recent examples include: Automated Impact Analysis (AIA) for drop testing, Automated Surface Contact Generation (ASCG) for modeling assemblies and shell like structures common in aircraft, ships and automotive, Progressive Ply Failure Analysis (PPFA) for in depth analysis of composite structures, and Design Optimization which finds solutions to problems that have competing parameters.

For more information, contact NEi Software, formerly Noran Engineering, Inc.


Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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