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NVIDIA Announces GPU Technology Conference

By DE Editors

NVIDIA has announced that the GPU Technology Conference 2010 (GTC 2010) will take place Sept. 20-23 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA.

Building on last year’s inaugural conference, GTC 2010 will offer a broader and deeper selection of technical sessions, interactive tutorials, technology previews, and industry and academic presentations, the company says.

“Last year’s GPU Technology Conference was very exciting, with many top researchers and developers demonstrating how they are using the GPU to solve some of the world’s most difficult challenges, from medical diagnostics to energy exploration,” says Bill Dally, NVIDIA chief scientist. “I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the new advances that will be unveiled this year.”

The conference will once again encompass three concurrent GPU-focused summits in one location:

  • Emerging Companies Summit—a showcase for innovative startups to demonstrate their products and network with venture capitalists, GTC attendees, and other investors.
  • GPU Developers Summit—a selection of content-rich sessions, tutorials, and presentations for developers, engineers, and scientists.
  • NVIDIA Research Summit—an opportunity for students, professors, and researchers to present their findings and collaborate.

For more information visit the GTC 2010 site.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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