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NVIDIA, IBM Target Big Data for the Enterprise

GPU accelerator technology is about to arrive in the corporate data center. NVIDIA and IBM announced at this week’s SC13 show that the two companies will collaborate on GPU-accelerated versions of IBM’s enterprise software applications on IBM Power Systems.

IBM Power Systems will support existing applications developed with the NVIDIA CUDA programming model, and IBM will make its Rational software development tools available to supercomputing developers. The companies also plan to integrate the joint processing capabilities of Tesla GPUs with IBM POWER processors, opening up opportunities for supercomputing hardware to be used for different types of applications.

“Companies are looking for new and more efficient ways to drive business value from Big Data and analytics,” said Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president, IBM Systems & Technology Group and Integrated Supply Chain. “The combination of IBM and NVIDIA processor technologies can provide clients with an advanced and efficient foundation to achieve this goal.”

IBM is targeting applications like business intelligence, predictive analytics, and risk analytics for improvement via GPU-accelerated technology. According to an article in The Register, NVIDIA expects to benefit via the IBM endorsement and access to the company’s sales and marketing muscle.

NVIDIA is also part of the OpenPOWER Consortium, which aims to create an open ecosystem based on the POWER architecture. Goolge, Mellanox and Tyan are also participating.

Source: NVIDIA

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