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NVIDIA Launches GPU-Accelerated Platform for Geospatial Intelligence Analysts

By DE Editors

NVIDIA launched the NVIDIA GeoInt Accelerator, its first GPU-accelerated geospatial intelligence platform, which the company says will enable security analysts to find actionable insights from vast quantities of raw data, images and video.

The NVIDIA GeoInt Accelerator platform provides defense and homeland security analysts with tools that enable faster processing of high-resolution satellite imagery, facial recognition in surveillance video, combat mission planning using geographic information system (GIS) data, and object recognition in video collected by drones.

The solution consists of an NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerated system, software applications for geospatial intelligence analysis, and advanced application development libraries.

The GeoInt Accelerator platform also features a number of libraries and solutions that serve as building blocks for defense contractors and system integrators to build their own applications for GPU-accelerated image, video, and signal processing.

For more information, visit NVIDIA.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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