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NVIDIA RealityServer 3.0 Now Shipping

By DE Editors

The NVIDIA RealityServer is a new cloud computing platform for running 3D web applications.

The platform consists of an NVIDIA Tesla RS GPU-based server cluster running software from mental images. It was originally announced at the Web 2.0 conference in October, and is shipping now.

The NVIDIA RealityServer streams interactive 3D applications to any Web-connected device. RealityServer software uses mental images iray technology for a physically correct, ray-tracing render. Because ray tracing is one of the most demanding computational problems, iray technology is designed to take advantage of the massively parallel CUDA architecture of NVIDIA GPUs.

While photorealistic imagery has traditionally taken hours or days to create, RealityServer streams images of photorealistic scenes at rates approaching an interactive gaming experience, according to NVIDIA.

For more information, visit NVIDIA.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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