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NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to Communicate Faster Over Mellanox InfiniBand Networks

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NVIDIA Corporation and Mellanox Technologies Ltd. have introduced new software that will increase cluster application performance by as much as 30 percent by reducing the latency that occurs when communicating over Mellanox InfiniBand to servers equipped with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.

The system architecture of a GPU-CPU server requires the CPU to initiate and manage memory transfers between the GPU and the InfiniBand network. The new software solution will enable Tesla GPUs to transfer data to pinned system memory that a Mellanox InfiniBand solution is able to read and transmit over the network. The result is increased overall system performance and efficiency.

"NVIDIA Tesla GPUs deliver large increases in performance across each node in a cluster, but in our production runs on TSUBAME 1, we have found that network communication becomes a bottleneck when using multiple GPUs," said professor Satoshi Matsuoka from Tokyo Institute of Technology. "Reducing the dependency on the CPU by using InfiniBand will deliver a major boost in performance in high-performance GPU clusters, thanks to the work of NVIDIA and Mellanox, and will further enhance the architectural advances we will make in TSUBAME2.0."

"In GPU-based clusters, most of the compute intensive processing is running on the GPUs," said Gilad Shainer, director of high performance computing and technical marketing at Mellanox Technologies. "It’s a natural evolution of the system architecture to enable GPUs to communicate more intelligently over InfiniBand. This helps create a computing platform that will enable future Exascale computing and dramatically increase performance for a broad spectrum of applications."

This software capability will be available in the NVIDIA CUDAT architecture toolkit beginning in the second quarter of 2010 and will work on existing Tesla S1070 1U computing systems and Tesla M1060 module-based clusters, and also with the new Tesla 20-series S2050 and S2070 1U systems.

For more information, visit NVIDIA and Mellanox Technologies.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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