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Objet Launches Two New Desktop 3D Printers

By DE Editors

At EuroMold 2010, Objet Geometries Ltd. revealed its new family of desktop 3D printers, starting at $19,900. The company also held a technology demonstration of new advanced materials featuring clear transparency, high-temperature resistance and ABS-like quality simulating engineering plastics.

The Objet24 is especially suited to the office environment, providing 3D printing with a range of materials, making it suitable to a number of applications. Both Objet24 and Objet30 produce models with smooth surfaces and fine details, according to the company.

Objet also performed a technology demonstration of its upcoming materials, which are scheduled to be released in 2011, including:
* Objet Clear Material
* Objet High Temperature Material
* Objet first-generation of ABS-like Material, bringing 3D model properties closer than ever to engineering plastics.

Objet is simultaneously launching the new Objet VeroWhitePlus material. Featuring the stability of Objet VeroGray now in white, Objet VeroWhitePlus is suited for fit and form testing for a range of industries. The Objet VeroWhitePlus will replace the Objet VeroWhite during 2011.

The new range of Objet products and materials manifests our unequivocal commitment to our customers success," says David Reis, president and chief executive officer of Objet Geometries. "Our latest advances in product development and the introduction of true Clear Material, High Temperature Resistance Material and ABS-like toughness Material combined with Objet s quality make all the difference in achieving true-to-life prototypes.

For more information, visit Objet Geometries.

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