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Océ Arizona 350 XT Printer and PlotWave 300 System Receive 2009 BERTL’s Best Award

By DE Editors

Océ has received two 2009 BERTL’s Best designations. The Océ Arizona 350 XT UV flatbed printer was named “Best Innovative Technology for Wide Format” and the Océ PlotWave 300 system was named “Best Eco-Friendly Wide Format Printer” by BERTL.

BERTL analysts review current product lines and new product introductions to see how well a product performs in various real-world settings.

The Océ Arizona 350 XT printer features an extra-large flatbed table capable of producing rigid prints as large as 98.4 in. wide by 120 in. long. The extra width enables the printer to be used in a continuous imaging mode for rigid media up to 4 ft. by 8 ft. Two rigid boards of this size can be mounted on separate vacuum areas of the flatbed table. While one board is being printed, the other can be changed by the operator. Because the printer never has to stop printing for a media change, users can increase their net print production on boards this size. With the Roll Media Option installed, users can print onto flexible media as well. The Océ Arizona 350 XT printer uses four-colors of ink and offers a White Ink Option to expand applications options to non-white and clear surfaces.

The Océ PlotWave 300 all-in-one large format monochrome print/copy/scan system is an ENERGY STAR-compliant solution with a small footprint. It is designed for energy conscious, lower volume monochrome print users. Using Océ Radiant Fusing technology, the Océ PlotWave 300 system starts up quickly, uses relatively little energy, makes no noise when idling and produces very little ozone emissions.

For more information, visit Océ.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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