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One-Wheeled Personal Scooter Launches

At a yard sale years ago, I attempted to convince my wife that buying an old unicycle would be the Best Idea Ever. Fortunately for my aging bones, she talked me out of it. But if I ever come across one of these bizarre looking RYNO motorized models, I won’t have to worry about falling down. The vehicle, which incorporates features of the unicycle, motorcycle, and the Segway, includes a gyroscope to keep it upright.
The Portland company that makes the vehicles was founded by Oregon engineer Chris Hoffman, who was inspired by a conversation with his teenage daughter to create the bike/scooter.

It can travel up to 10 mph or operate as slowly as a person walks, and its two SLA batteries provide 10 miles of travel on a single charge. It can carry up to 260 lbs. (the vehicle weighs 160 lbs.) and takes six hours to charge. It operates much like a Segway in that the rider simply has to lean forward to accelerate.

You can pick one up for $5,300, and the company is taking pre-orders now for a refundable $150 PayPal deposit. Video below.

Source: RYNO

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