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Online Interactive Quoting Capabilities Enhanced for QuickCutCNC Customers

By DE Editors

Quickparts, a 3D Systems company based in Atlanta, GA, added to its QuickCutCNC service greatly enhanced quoting capabilities. The new rapid CNC machining service can automatically identify and quote threaded holes as part of the online, interactive process for all custom CNC machining projects.    

Here’s how it works: after submitting a design for quotation, QuickCutCNC customers now receive an emailed link to access their interactive quote online.  For a submitted design that includes holes, the QuickCutCNC system will automatically populate the quote with a list of available thread options based on the size of the hole, allowing the customer to then select (or decline) threading for each individual hole. This needed for threaded holes is quite common and usually require that the customer be very involved in the process, which creates delays. With this new quoting capability, orders can still easily be placed directly through the online interactive quote and parts completed in a more timely fashion.

For more information about Quickparts, visit www.quickparts.com or call 770.901.3200.  

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