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OriginLab Launches Viewer for Scientific Graphing and Data Analysis Software

By DE Editors

OriginLab Corporation(Northampton, MA), which develops scientific graphing and data analysistools, has created the Origin Viewer, a free downloadable Windowsapplication that enables non-Origin users to access the content ofOrigin project files (OPJs). Origin users have long since realized theusefulness of the OPJ, as it provides a flexible way to organize andstore related data in a single file. Now, analysts and researchers whouse Origin can share their OPJ files with colleagues who do not.Collaborators need only download the free Origin Viewer to access OPJcontent.

Within an OPJ file, worksheets, matrices, graphs, presentation layouts,results, and notes can be hierarchically organized into multiple levelsof folders. The Origin Viewer provides access to this content using anintuitive Explorer-like interface. As a result, the folder structure isarranged in a navigation tree on the left of the viewer.

Creators of Origin files have the ability to hide certain windows forcertain collaborators or can allow those they send a file to see allassociated folders and windows. The Viewer gives anyone the ability tocopy data, graphs, and notes. Graphs can be copied and pasted as EMFs.

Origin Viewer can run without installation, thus allowing it to be usedon more restricted machines, and its small size means it can beattached to an e-mail message.

Instrument manufacturers whose software outputs data files can nowchoose to have their instrument software save data using the Origin OPJformat. They can simply use the same application support files thatcome with the Origin Viewer in their own software. By providing theability to read or write OPJ files that contain their instrument dataand any associated meta data, their customers benefit by getting agreater measure of organization and versatility.

The company’s main product line consists of Origin 7.5 and OriginPro7.5, both of which are available in English, German, and Japaneseversions. Since its debut in 1991, OriginLab has sold over 100,000copies of Origin. Origin Viewer can read files created with any versionof the writing software.

For more information, please visit originlab.com

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