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ORTHOSHOP Geomatics Purchases New Leica Scanner and Digital Camera

By DE Editors

Canada-based ORTHOSHOP Geomatics has purchased a second Leica Geosystems ALS70-CM airborne laser scanner and a third 80-megapixel Leica RCD30 RGBN digital camera.

ORTHOSHOP is a geomatics engineering firm. “We specialize in providing geomatics engineering solutions to discriminating clients with demanding requirements,” said George Constantinescu, ORTHOSHOP’s CEO. “We started our company with Leica’s groundbreaking OR1 orthophoto processing equipment at its core, and in the 34 years since we have been loyal purchasers of Leica Geosystems’ products, from analytical stereo plotters and analog cameras to photogrammetric scanners and software systems.”

Two years ago the company added digital data acquisition capabilities with the purchase of its first Leica ALS70-CM laser scanner and two Leica RCD30 cameras. The Leica ALS70/RCD30 integrated sensor configuration enables the acquisition of comprehensive datasets in which the LiDAR and photographic data are co-registered. Additionally, the Leica ALS70 and Leica RCD30 sensors permit flying in less than ideal conditions and collecting large volumes of data quickly and accurately, which Constantinescu said is a distinct advantage. “Leica’s focus on innovation and product improvement is critically important to us,” he said. “Since we use the sensors in demanding real-world conditions, we are able to provide feedback to support Leica’s continuing product development. We believe that the mutual respect and free communication that we enjoy between our organizations is the cornerstone of our long-term relationship.”

For more information, visit Leica Geosystems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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