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Ozen Engineering Presents ANSYS Simulation Webinars

By DE Editors

Ozen Engineering, Inc. has announced its ANSYS Simulation Webinar schedule for January and February. These technical seminars will be offered free of charge to the engineering community. The objective of the webinars is to increase attendees’ familiarity and competence in using finite element analysis to advance product development.

Technical seminars are held online every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-10 a.m. PST. 

January’s seminars include:

  • Meshing in ANSYS Workbench, Jan. 14
  • ANSYS Mechanical APDL, Jan. 19
  • Realistic Medical Device Implant Simulation with ANY2ANS, Jan. 21
  • ANSYS Mechanical Heat Transfer, Jan. 26
  • Drop Test Simulation in ANSYS Workbench, Jan. 28

February’s seminars include:

  • ANSYS Mechanical Dynamics: Feb. 2
  • Verification of Structural Analyses with Roark’s Formulas: Feb. 4
  • ANSYS Mechanical Structural Nonlinearities: Feb. 9
  • Fracture Mechanics Applications and Cohesive Elements in ANSYS: Feb. 11
  • ANSYS Meshing: Feb. 16
  • Stress & Strain Based Fatigue: Feb. 18
  • Fluid Mechanics and CFX: Feb. 23
  • FEA Contact Technology: Feb. 25

Registration and details can be found at Ozen Engineering, Inc.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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