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ParaMatters Releases Autonomous Topology Optimizer

ParaMatters, a company invested in autonomous topology optimization and generative lightweighting design, makes available its CogniCAD platform. CogniCAD is a cloud-based, cognitive design platform that is capable of automatically generating additive manufacturing for high-performance, lightweighted structures within aerospace, automotive and other mission critical applications.

“The technology [of CogniCAD] represents the convergence of advanced topology optimization techniques, computational geometry, infinite computing power in the cloud, and artificial intelligence,” says Co-founder and CTO Michael Bogomolny.

CogniCAD can be easily accessed via the company’s website as a pay-per-design cloud-based service. The company is currently exploring several other subscription- and enterprise-based models as well as complementary strategic partnerships.

In addition to speeding up the innovation cycle, ParaMatters is developing advanced algorithms that are designed to enhance the overall digital thread and additive manufacturing capabilities. This includes a new cloud-based, generative design platform that automatically on demand compiles lightweight and metamaterial lattice structures based on size, weight, strength, style, materials and cost as specified by designers or engineers.

“We are transforming the entire design-to-manufacturing process by making it autonomous and automated to generate high-quality, optimized lightweighted designs,” says Bogomolny.

CogniCAD works by first importing CAD files into the platform, and then defining loading and design criteria. Within minutes, users can obtain generative design verified and ready for 3D printing. All of ParaMatters generated designs can be directly produced using additive manufacturing.

For more information, visit ParaMatters.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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