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Partnership Aims for Greater Document Security

By DE Editors

MfgQuote Inc. (Atlanta,GA), an online sourcing management system, has announced the formation of a new partnership with PinionSoftware (Austin, TX), a provider of technology solutions used toprotect electronically distributed documents. The partnership will provide advanced data security tools forMfgQuote members as they source online for manufacturing services.

With Pinion Software’s products, the buyer or engineer can control how, when, where,and by whom their sensitive drawings and documents are viewed. The usercan even cause a drawing or document to electronically “shred itself”at a given point in time.

The partnership with Pinion Software allows MfgQuote to providesourcing professionals and engineers with an unparalleled level ofsecurity for their intellectual property when sourcing online forengineered-to-order components.

“Pinion Software provides enterprise-level security options that fitour users’ current and future needs for the protection of documents anddrawings,” states Mitch Free, President and CEO of MfgQuote. “Thesourcing process requires sensitive intellectual property to be sharedin the form of CAD models, drawings and documents during the RFQ andcollaboration phases.  Using MfgQuote to source for manufacturingservices and to transfer data to suppliers is now significantly saferthan traditional methods such as a FAX or email.”

More than 36,000 buyers across the industrial spectrum, includingaerospace,transportation, consumer products, and electronics, among others useMfgQuote.com to source, collaborate, and receive quotes online for morethan 200 manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, metal stamping,forging, plastic molding, metal fabrication, and metal casting.

For more information, visit Pinion Software‘s website, or MfgQuote Inc.’s website.


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